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CEO of TRICHY PLUS Group of Companies
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Shiv & Savy are entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, passionate trainers and philanthropists. Their programs have empowered the lives of over a million people across 5 states.

They have been pioneers in the field of education and have brought out products ranging from Pictalktionary, Neutral Accent CD and They currently run TRICHY PLUS, U2CAN, GATEFORUM & SAGARIKKA PUBLICATIONS in Trichy. S & S FAMILY FIRST is their new venture.

Shiv is rated as an outstanding LIFE COACH and a CAT trainer par excellence. Savy exudes charm in all her workshops with her mellifluous voice and mesmerizing tone.

Their institute TRICHY PLUS was awarded the ‘Best Coaching Centre’ in Tamil Nadu for 2 consecutive years by Tamil Nadu Welfare Council. Their clients range from top institutes like NIT, BIM, SASTRA and leading organizations like SBI, HONDA, CADBURYS, INFOSYS and ANAND ENGINEERING.

Their work has touch the lives of top entertainers such as actor Sivakarthikeyan, Bigg Boss winner Arav, film director Arun and film director Sai Aravind. Their alumni include top CEOs, CFOs, leading entrepreneurs, famous doctors and noted Chartered Accountants.

Shiv & Savy are marathon runners, swimmers, yoga practitioners, skaters and dancers. They are active philanthropists. Savy single-handedly helped in constructing toilets for a government school devoid of rest-rooms thus enabling 800 girls continue their education after attaining puberty instead of dropping out of school.

Shiv initiated transformation of the lives of students in a Polytechnic college in Trichy and thus transformed many of them into eliminating bad habits and getting a business mindset over the course of a year. Together Shiv & Savy have conducted over a 1000 free Career Guidance program and metamorphosed the thought process of lakhs of students.

Their daughter is a teenage sensation and popularly known as author Sagarikka. She had penned the book ‘My Unskooled Year’ at the age of 15 based on her experiences which is a best-seller, selling over 6000 copies.

Shiv & Savy are going to bring out a book FAMILY FIRST which will enable couples to have LIFE & RELATIONSHIP MASTERY. This book will have versions in English, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam to begin with.

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