Parenting Workshop - S&S Family First - Build Family... Build Nation...

Learn the powerful secrets and the strategies behind what makes some parents achieve astounding results. You will be able to refocus and realign your thought process on how to create a compelling future for your child?

What’s more important than your child? Its destiny is what matters the most.

You will discover:

  • Powerful learning tools to multiply your child’s learning abilities.
  • How to unleash the purpose and mission in your child’s life
  • How to unearth it’s true passion – a step by step blueprint to make them discover their true calling
  • How to create an electrifying environment which will catapult your children to the greatest heights

One Day Workshop – This parenting workshop will be your gift to your biggest gift – your child. This intense workshop will endow you with the skills of creating a fascinating environment and a powerful attitude in your family, thus creating a perfect pathway for your child to take off to its preferred destination. This will be followed by a 30 day action plan which will set the stage for a bright and everlasting future for your children.