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Do you want to experience two ecstatic, unforgettable and transmogrifying days in your LIFE? Have you been hungry for the non-stop atmosphere of the final over of the one day cricket match? These two days will transform your thought process forever.

You will discover:

  • Tools to quench your hunger and make you reach the next level of your LIFE.
  • Make you Michelangelo’s Adam, reach out to the heavens and be in a continuous state of excitement, success and fulfillment.
  • Shatter your belief systems in wealth, relationship & health management

Two Days Workshop (age group 13 years & above) – This workshop will blast your previous thought patterns and give you a fresh lease of life. The Neuro Associative Techniques accompanied by a 30 day follow-up will create a new launching pad for you to get away from the clutches of orbit.