Couples Workshop - S&S Family First - Build Family... Build Nation...

Imagine 2 full-days with your family. 2 days to redefine and get absolute clarity of:

  • How to make your family resourceful
  • How to make your family outstanding in terms of body, mind relationship and wealth

Grab hold of this opportunity and propel your family to greater heights with an unstoppable momentum.

You will discover:

  • An exclusive approach towards transmuting your family’s health.
  • A unique model towards juicing up your relationship.
  • A simple 5 step process towards Financial Mastery

The program can be conducted as follows:

One day workshop – the focus is to escalate the bonding between your family members and intensify their understanding. It also provides insights into exponentially improving the quality of your family’s LIFE.

Two day workshop – An intense workshop to connect at a deeper level . Your family can leverage that power and transform their destiny with unbelievable clarity. This amazing workshop will harness the masculine and feminine energies in your relationship.

This workshop will include the rattling Fire-walking experience. Also, includes a 30 day action plan to create a boundless and unceasing connect in your family.