Training Program
Our Training Program

Note: All these workshops can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.


  1. S & S Family First Couples training – Keynote address, 1 Day (condensed & fun), 2 Days (Intensive) with Fire-walking
  2. S & S Family First Health – Keynote address, 1 Day
  3. S & S Family First Parenting – Keynote address, 1 Day
  4. S & S Family First LIFE – 2 Days (Intensive) with Fire-walking

Imagine 2 full-days with your family. 2 days to redefine and get absolute clarity of:

  • How to make your family resourceful
  • How to make your family outstanding in terms of body, mind relationship and wealth

Grab hold of this opportunity and propel your family to greater heights with an unstoppable momentum.

You will discover:

  • An exclusive approach towards transmuting your family’s health.
  • A unique model towards juicing up your relationship.
  • A simple 5 step process towards Financial Mastery

The program can be conducted as follows:

One day workshop – the focus is to escalate the bonding between your family members and intensify their understanding. It also provides insights into exponentially improving the quality of your family’s LIFE.

Two day workshop – An intense workshop to connect at a deeper level . Your family can leverage that power and transform their destiny with unbelievable clarity. This amazing workshop will harness the masculine and feminine energies in your relationship.

This workshop will include the rattling Fire-walking experience. Also, includes a 30 day action plan to create a boundless and unceasing connect in your family.


Transform your body, mind and soul.

  • Is your health falling flat or in the downhill?
  • Are your looking for an upsurge and recharging yourself?
  • Do you want to reach a peak state where you are suffused with energy, your LIFE is filled with passion and your soul is resonating with the infinite?

You will discover

  • Strategies to revitalize your body and rejuvenate your mind.
  • You will attain LIFE MASTERY over your vitality and you will be filled with liveliness all the time.
  • You will discover mind boggling tools, strategies and empowering beliefs which will shatter your present concepts and take you into a world filled with joy and happiness all the time.

One Day Workshop – The focus is on increasing your natural vitality and giving you the zest for LIFE. The workshop will include activities, transformative talks and guidelines plus a 30 day journal towards inner mastery.


Learn the powerful secrets and the strategies behind what makes some parents achieve astounding results. You will be able to refocus and realign your thought process on how to create a compelling future for your child?

What’s more important than your child? Its destiny is what matters the most.

You will discover:

  • Powerful learning tools to multiply your child’s learning abilities.
  • How to unleash the purpose and mission in your child’s life
  • How to unearth it’s true passion – a step by step blueprint to make them discover their true calling
  • How to create an electrifying environment which will catapult your children to the greatest heights

One Day Workshop – This workshop will be your gift to your biggest gift – your child. This intense workshop will endow you with the skills of creating a fascinating environment and a powerful attitude in your family, thus creating a perfect pathway for your child to take off to its preferred destination. This will be followed by a 30 day action plan which will set the stage for a bright and everlasting future for your children.


Do you want to experience two ecstatic, unforgettable and transmogrifying days in your LIFE? Have you been hungry for the non-stop atmosphere of the final over of the one day cricket match? These two days will transform your thought process forever.

You will discover:

  • Tools to quench your hunger and make you reach the next level of your LIFE.
  • Make you Michelangelo’s Adam, reach out to the heavens and be in a continuous state of excitement, success and fulfillment.
  • Shatter your belief systems in wealth, relationship & health management

Two Days Workshop (age group 13 years & above) – This workshop will blast your previous thought patterns and give you a fresh lease of life. The Neuro Associative Techniques accompanied by a 30 day follow-up will create a new launching pad for you to get away from the clutches of orbit.